Ticketed Event

Virgin Galactic Camp Eclipse

The Setup


Sleeping Tents


Lounge Tents


Getting Ready Tent


Bar Tent


Outdoor Lounges


Check-in Amenity tents

The Scene

We were hired to produce a 4-day party for the future astronauts of Virgin Galactic during the Great American Eclipse. Anyone who has purchased a Virgin Galactic ticket to space was invited to celebrate this rare total eclipse. We traveled with the VG internal events team, which included their in house astronomer, to select the best possible location for eclipse totality. This ended up being a cow pasture in Tetonia, Idaho. Needless to say, we brought everything in from water and power to restrooms and accommodations.

The Eclipse

None of the Shelter Co. team had experienced a total eclipse before and we didn't really know what to expect. As the sky darkened, all the animals started making noise and the temperature dropped 20 degrees. The entire horizon looked like a 360 degree sunset. It was surreal. We can't say we will become eclipse chasers, but it was a very exciting 3 minutes, especially in the company of some of the biggest space fanatics out there.

The Experience

Guests were treated to three gourmet meals a day provided by our friends at Catering By Design out of Denver. Every day there was a long list of opt in activities to help guests explore the Tetonia area. Astronomers were on hand giving daily lectures to help educate and create excitement for the eclipse.