Covid-Safe Infrastructure

Google Campus

The Setup


Storage Tent


Break Out Meeting Tents


Lounge Pods




Large Gathering Tents


Wifi Tent

The Scene

For 9 years, tech companies have hired us to plan off-sites so their employees could have uninterrupted time away from the office. But at the end of 2020, Google approached us to help them figure out a way to safely bring their employees back to the office during Covid-19. The solution? We transformed their parking lot into a comfortable place for small teams to gather, new-hires to meet their coworkers, and projects to get completed. No Zoom required.

The Experience

Our friends at Bright Event Rentals built custom flooring to cover the parking lot. We brought in 14 open air tents of various sizes complete with heating and lighting. All the seating and tables in these breakout "rooms" were spaced at least 6ft apart to ensure that employees could keep their distance while working together.