Venture Capital Retreat

Curiosity Camp

The Setup


Sleeping Tents


Outdoor Lounge Areas


Costume Tent




Lounge Tents


Check In Area

The Scene

Every summer for the past 6 years, Innovation Endeavors has invited founders from around the world to attend Curiosity Camp in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We take over an old Boy Scout camp and reimagine it as an adult summer camp. From canoe races to robot building to discussions on nuclear energy, the weekend experiences range from the creative to downright bizarre.

The Weekend

Guests are assigned a Shelter Co. tent upon arrival and are gifted a camp sash and other branded necessities. They have time to explore the property and sign up for time slots for the unconference. The weekend is jam packed with different speakers, group activities, and culinary adventures. The event culminates in a costumed dinner and dance party by the lake.

The Experience

Curiosity Camp continues to be one of our favorite events each year. The guests are a fascinating cast of characters and we love seeing the bonds that are formed among strangers during such a short time.