Getting Personal With Jeremy Dunn

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Getting Personal With Jeremy Dunn

While our events steal the headlines, it’s our people that truly define Shelter Co. The magic is in the team, and we’re pretty dang lucky to have a solid one. While our events are always showstoppers, it’s what happens in between that keeps us on our toes. Here, we sit down with 10 questions for team member Jeremy Dunn to find out a bit more about that #ShelterLife.

  1. When did you join Shelter Co and what’s your role at the company?

Summer of 2015. I’m an Install Manager, so I prepare and load all jobs, manage our on-site crews, and make everyone smile.

  1. What’s your favorite memory from a Shelter Co. event?

An event we did in Santa Barbara. It was a wedding on a cliff with a view that could have been a screensaver. We had perfect weather and flocks of pelicans flew 20ft from us every 30 minutes. I also got to pick the music during that install and brought back the 90’s with Spice Girls, *NSYNC, and Britney Spears!!!

  1. Lemonade out of lemons moment (aka what do you look back on now and laugh at)?

Marfa Texas — all the guys were sitting under our Amelia tent waiting for the Shelter women to arrive. Next thing we know, the Texas skies opened up and dumped the most rain I’ve ever seen with no warning. At first we thought, “Let’s hop on the bikes and go check on the ladies,” which ended with us going back and forth about how funny it will be when they show up soaking wet.

Jeremy Dunn Shelter Co. Install Manager with Team

  1. How many days were you on the road for work last year?

Enough days to come up with code names for everyone and use the walkie talkies as CB radios! “Roger that Purple Rain, it looks like it’s on the road again. Over and out!”

  1. What’s one essential item you have to pack when on-site for a Shelter Co. Event?

Chapstick & my Space Cowboys Master Mix (Galaxy leggings, boots and a cowboy hat). You won’t catch me without ‘em!

  1. What brand would you most want Shelter Co. to partner with on an event in the future?

Spirit Hoods!

  1. If Shelter Co. was forced to hire an HR director, who would you want it to be?

I would want an HR team and it would be Melissa McCarthy and Adam Sandler.

  1. Which fellow Shelter Co. employee would you most like to fight in a cage match and why?

Will, Mike, and Taylor in a 3 on 1. Mostly forbragging rights, because 1 of them wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

  1. Favorite song to play in office/warehouse music roulette?

Wannabe by the Spice Girls

  1. Best piece of advice Mike Sheofsky has given you?

Will, Tay and I were in charge of keeping fire pits going during a late night shift. Mike stopped by and said, “Goodnight gentleman, keep these fires hot.” After walking 15 feet he turned and said, “Boys, I shouldn’t be able to see the flames from my tent!”



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