Catching up with Taylor Bradley

Catching up with Taylor Bradley

While our events steal the headlines, it’s our people that truly define Shelter Co. The magic is in the team, and we’re pretty dang lucky to have a solid one. Each month we’re featuring a crew member so you can get to know us a little bit more behind the scenes. For May, we sit down with our buddy Taylor Bradley to find out a bit more about that #ShelterLife.

1. When did you join Shelter Co. and what’s your role at the company?
I started in October 2013. My title is Lead Installer/Camping Butler.

2. What’s your favorite memory from a Shelter Co. event?
Definitely being onstage at a wedding near Yosemite with the groom and his groomsmen, spraying a crowd of guest with champagne to B.O.B. by OutKast. Unforgettable.

3. Lemonade out of lemons moment (aka what do you look back on now and laugh)?
Once we had finished a job, everything was packed and ready to go and we jumped in the truck to leave aaaand it wouldn’t start. So, being hot and sweaty and tired, we decided to not drive all the way back home right away. Instead, we found some rosé, a couple giant bird floaties, and went swimming for an hour. It turned out to be the perfect decompression after a long weekend.

4. How many days were you on the road for work last year?
More days than I was home, I do believe.

5. What’s one essential item you have to pack when on-site for a Shelter Co. event?
Tecnu and beard oil.

6. What brand would you most want Shelter Co. to partner with on an event in the future?
Poler Outdoor Stuff

7. If Shelter Co. was forced to hire an HR director, who would you want it to be?
The Nature Boy – Ric Flair. Wooo!

8. Which fellow Shelter Co. employee would you most like to fight in a cage match and why?
Definitely Toby. You know why Tobes. You know why.

9. Favorite song to play in office/warehouse music roulette?
Snake Farm – Ray Wylie Hubbard

10. Best piece of advice Mike Sheofsky has given you?
Mike once told me to never listen to what he says, sooo….

 Shelter Co Lead Installer Taylor Bradley


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